Certification and Compliance

We follow strict processes and regulations when it comes to certification and compliance.

Compliance is an increasing requirement across all Australian states. Compliance and certification can take many forms; from code assessments carried out for Australian Standards and the NCC (National Construction Code), to load limit testing, to NATA requirements. It can also require the use of international standards for unusual scenarios or bespoke items not covered by local codes.

In the current engineering environment, compliance reviews can be especially important for obtaining government, council, and regulatory approval. At ARP, we utilise our extensive experience and knowledge in this field to provide our clients with cost effective and focused assessments for specific situations where they arise.

We have carried out reviews on existing brownfield sites and buildings that have changed usage and where modifications, additions, and changes to the layout prompted questions of non-compliance.

Our approach is consultative and we aim to provide a service that identifies areas for action followed by potential solutions, rather than a list of problems.