About Us

We provide engineering and design expertise to the mining, industrial, commercial and infrastructure sectors. In recent years we have also completed a variety of projects in industries such as manufacturing, agricultural and recycling.

ARP began as a business providing engineering services to large diversified mining companies, and we now offer a range of services including:

Our attitude is to provide a friendly, professional service and maximise the benefits of good quality relationships with our clients. Communication is the essence of a successful project, and a core value that we enjoy promoting and using to reach mutually beneficial results - whether the project is small, large, single, or multidisciplinary.

We have extensive experience working with production companies and installation contractors, and pride ourselves on offering our clients a high value service, providing solutions that are practical, cost effective and simple to implement.

Our approach to safety is derived from extensive experience in the world-leading culture of the Australian mining industry. It enables us to tailor safety requirements on a project according to the real risk exposure. This ensures that projects we undertake are subjected to the excellent level of safety commitment our clients expect.

To learn more about the type of engineering services we can provide, take a look at our recent engineering projects or get in touch.